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Is there a faster way to print multiple ODT documents besides opening each one in OpenOffice/LibreOffice and printing each document separately? It would be great if I could just select multiple documents in Nautilus and have some option to print them all with the same print settings.

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First, in Nautilus select the relevant .odt documents...

You can fully "automate" the process by adding a Nautilus Action
sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

eg (nautilus-actions setup):
Command: ooffice -writer -p -headless
Parameters: %M
Filenames: *.odt
[*] Appears if selection has multiple files of folders

here is my original "Terminal" version

In Nautilus copy selected files to the clipboard (filenames are stored)...

Set up your required printer settings in OpenOffice...

In gnome-terminal, use the context-menu item Paste Filenames ...
Note: the pasted filenames are: 'single-quoted' and space delimited

  • ooffice -writer -p 'YOUR' 'PASTED' 'FILENAMES' &

I don't know how long a Terminal command-line can handle, but it does work..
(I just tested it; printing to a cups-pdf virtual "printer")

On newer versions of Ubuntu featuring LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice be sure to use the libreoffice-command instead.

on libreoffice you might also have to use "--" instead of "-", the full command then is:

libreoffice --writer -p --headless 'filename1' 'filename2'
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A marvellous answer - I'll remember this and be very glad when I need it. – Stefano Palazzo Nov 25 '10 at 18:23

What I think you need is a batch convert to get all your documents into pdf:

Once you have pdf files, it's much easier to send them all to the printer, by joining them all up into one big pdf using pdftk or by using the normal print option.

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