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I am looking in Ubuntu for alternatives to Stepmania an Guitar Hero. I used Stepmania with Wine but I heard there was a Linux version for it. Same for Guitar Hero where I can connect the playable guitar and enjoy. Are there an alternative for this 2 and if so which ones.

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GH = Frets on Fire and yeah, there are linux builds of StepMania... – agent86 May 21 '12 at 17:19
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I can recommend Performous, it is a all-in-one music game.
It can import songs from Frets On Fire (like Guitar Hero/Rock Band)
and songs from UltraStar Deluxe (Like SingStar/karaoke)

You can use real Guitar Hero Guitars from the Wii in the game.
Connect the wiimote using wminput and map the guitar-keys to the keyboard-keys you use in the game.

Have Fun !

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