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I am using ixconn as modem manager because it has many more features than the default network manager. But it cannot be used without root privileges (i.e., sudo). How can I use ixconn to dial my modem, without sudo?

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The only way I know of is to edit your sudoers file (with visudo) to accomplish this. This will still make you use sudo, but will not require a password.

sudo visudo

This will bring up the sudoers file in nano. Add a line like this:

Cmnd_Alias MODEM_CMDS = /path/to/ixconn, /path/to/othermodemsoftware

and then one like this:


Obviously, replace the paths to any programs you want to run with actual paths, and replace regularuser with the user you want to be able to use ixconn without a password. You can also specify groups instead of users, by placing a % in front of the group name, like this:

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