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I created a key pair to connect to a Synology disk from 12.04. Deployed, edit ~/.ssh/config to automatically use it. Tested:

ssh user@remotesynology

-> works like a charm. Tested on a second remote machine (running Ubuntu server) -> works.

Now tested:

sshfs user@theubuntuserver: /home/user/ubuntuserver

-> works


sshfs user@remotesynology: /home/user/remotesynology

-> error:

read: Connection reset by peer

I had a look at this issue, but that doesn't seem to apply (I have the user in the fuse group, and it works for the other machine) and I don't get a permission denied error.

What do I miss?

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Have you looked at ( It has a short list of debugging/resolution items. E.g.,: is sftp enabled in the server's sshd_config. – Ralph Rönnquist Dec 6 '15 at 2:09
Connection reset by Peer can be triggered by any loss of network connectivity. My favorite error was infact caused by the Router my ISP provided at the time - which limited inactive TCP connections to 60 seconds, and terminated them. Could you try a normal SSH connection and see if the connection resets, or terminal freezes after say 5 minutes of inactivity? There is a work-around with keep-alives I can try and source for you if this is the case. – Laice Jan 9 at 18:49

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