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When I click mail message in evolution and drag it into the open note either tomboy closes or comp freezes.. I have tried uninstall, restart multiple time it seems that the evolution plugin isnt working I use tomboy to track communication at work: I write time of calls subjects etc,, drop email related to a particular project into the note and when discussing the project I have all the communication available to me in one note, very very useful. I just upgraded 2 laptops to 12.04 (actually both were clean install) The same problem is present on both computers Compaq presario and Sony Viao

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If anyone knows an app that suport drag and drop emails (any client will do) please tell me I miss it so much..I tried clawmail last night but there isnt a .dll and I have no knowlwdge of compiling. Iused evolution email purely for that drag and drop , so I guess I will uninstall and go back to thundirbird instead. – bsod May 21 '12 at 23:32

I solved it, it only work if evolution is in pop protocol and notIMAP. I have reconfigured email account in pop and it now works again . I ticked leave a message copy on server so they dont disappear from My imap account.

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