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Hello everybody I'm facing a problem with quanta plus when I open more than one file in quanta plus every file opens in new window of quanta plus instead of in a new tab. Please reply urgent Shalu

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Go to: System -> Preferences -> Main Menu -> Programming -> Quanta Plus -> Properties -> Command ... then change quanta %U to quanta --unique %U

man quanta ... OPTIONS

  • --unique Run as a one-instance application.
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I followed it in Ubuntu 10.04. But it is not working – Gunaseelan Feb 10 '15 at 13:50

Unfortunately, you do not give a lot information, so I can only make a guess. I would look in the Windows menu under MDI mode. Toplevel and Childframe modes give you multiple windows, IDEAI is probably what you want.

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Sir, I mean, when I double click on a php file then it open in quanta plus, but when I need to open another file and I again double click on that file open in another window of quanta plus. I want, when I open second file it shoud be open in same window in other tab. – shalu Nov 19 '10 at 15:01

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