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I am trying to install RealPlayer?

Does anyone know how I can successfully achieve this?

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Medibuntu was an external repository which held packages for non-free software such as RealPlayer.

However, in 2013, this repository was taken offline and has ceased.

Development of RealPlayer from the original software house has ceased. The source was passed to the Helix Community. It appears from the Helix CVS repository, no significant linux updates have been made for some considerable amount of time.

Thus, RealPlayer is in reality a self compile and install method. The helix community has some notes how to achieve this.

PPA's for this software may exist - but I've not been able to find any for recent supported versions of Ubuntu.


There are other linux media clients that cover the stream-types and functionality that the old RealPlayer and Helix-Players did.

XMBC is also a good media system that covers some of real-player's streaming capabilities

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