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I am going to be replacing ubuntu 11.10 with 12.04. Can I create a bootable MicroSD, or do I have to create the image on a CD?

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This should still work: ;) – Rinzwind May 20 '12 at 11:41
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From the link in comment:

Within Ubuntu

If you're already using Ubuntu on a computer, you can already turn an Ubuntu ISO file into a bootable SD card. Simply click "System," then "Administration," then "USB Startup Disk Creator." You'll be presented with a Windows asking for two things: the location of the ISO file and the disk you would like to overwrite. Note that this method completely overwrites a given SD card, so be sure to do this only with an empty card (or a full one with files you don't mind losing).

So if you still have the ISO you are set to go. Otherwise download it first.

The only difference with that link: now you open dash and search for USB or Startup disc creator.

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