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I need to stop/start download through shell script in Azureus(Vuze). I know there is CLI and I can invoke it as

java -jar Azureus2-XXX.jar --ui=console

The ? will show a list of commands I can use. To get a list of torrents,

show torrents

etc. But it is CLI. I need shell script to do that so How I can use it to stop/start downloads through shell script?

Is there any way to do that?

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So far I found Flush which has command-line options which does my job but it has very less functionality compared to others.

I use Flush to start or stop torrent downloads of running instance through terminal.

I can use these options with flush.

  --start={all,downloads,uploads}     Start torrents  
  --stop={all,downloads,uploads}      Stop torrents

note: I didn't find anyway to do this in Vuze.

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I've never used vuze with Ubuntu, but in Windows you highlight the torrent and click stop/start.

Like I said I have only used it with windows.

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This works in Ubuntu too, but this question is not about how to start and stop torrents in Vuze's graphical user interface. Instead, it's about how to start and stop them from the command-line or in a shell script. –  Eliah Kagan Jun 25 '12 at 0:16

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