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I followed a guide to install Text Wrap in Gedit. Tried to get standard error feedback by starting from a terminal. But couldn't get it installed.

Would there be a problem with 12.04 having gone Python 2.7? Other suggestions? I had the same problem earlier in 11.10.

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Just installed Text Wrap in Gedit and it's working fine for me! Follow these steps to install:

  • Download Text Wrap and put both files (toggletextwrap.plugin and in your home directory.
  • Hit Alt+Ctrl+T to open terminal and run following command:

    sudo mv ~/toggletextwrap.plugin /usr/lib/gedit/plugins
  • Now open Gedit and navigate to Edit > Preferences > Plugins
  • Scroll down and enable Text Wrap. That's it!
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I was trying to install TextWrap as opposed to ToggleTextWrap and your procedure did not work. Following your link brought home the difference: my TextWrap was still for Gedit 2, not 3. Look at the value of the parameter IAge in the plugin file: it should be 3! So your answer did help, thanks. – user64773 May 20 '12 at 13:00

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