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I had Lion OSX partitioned with Windows 7 using BootCamp [on my MacBook].

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu last night and it went well. Until this morning when I tried to boot up Windows 7 and it took me to Ubuntu instead.

I saw the windows 7 loader so I clicked on that. It brought me to a black screen with a white cursor in the top left. This is what windows usually looks like when it boots but this time it just stayed on the black screen.

I also tried holding option and choosing the windows drive manually but it brought me back to Ubuntu. I think what happened was that I did not click on the Windows 7 loader when installing Ubuntu 12.04 last night.

What can I do to fix this?

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Can you still boot Lion OS X? When you refer to "choosing the windows drive manually" did you mean "partition"? (Do you have just one disk drive? Or is Windows installed on an (external) drive?) – irrational John May 20 '12 at 19:31

It would help to have more detailed information about how your GRUB and Windows boot configuration are currently setup on your MacBook. I suggest you try this:

  • Boot into the Ubuntu you installed on your MacBook.
  • Create a Bootinfo Summary using the boot_info_script.
  • Copy the summary into a pastebin (For example,
  • Edit your question to include the link to the pastebin containing the summary.

An alternative way to accomplish the same thing would be to install and run a utility named Boot-Repair tool. It will create a bootinfo summary and post it to a pastebin for you "automatically" in one step.

I have another answer which describes how to do this. Here is a link to that answer:
How to use boot-repair to provide a "Bootinfo Summary"

  • Note:
    The Boot-Repair tool also has a button to perform a Recommended repair. Since this is a Mac with a hybrid MBR, I would caution against doing that until you have a better understanding of just what the problem is.
    My advice is to first get the bootinfo summary and wait until you have looked at it before attempting to fix this with Boot-Repair.
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