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I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 desktop edition using VMware workstation 7.1.1. Ideally total installation should complete in an hour. But I'm not sure why it's taking very long time. I waited for 6 hours but still it didn't completed. So I tried to reinstall but faced the same issue 2nd time also.

My Laptop has below configuration:

RAM : 3 GB,
Free Hard Disk space on Destination drive: 33 GB,
Hard disk space assigned to UBUNTU while installing : 20 gb,
RAM assigned to UBUNTU while installing : 512 MB,
processor : Intel core i3 ,
OS: Genuine Windows 7 home (64 bit)

Any idea why it is happening? Or any suggestion for other version of Ubuntu which will be installed quicker.

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Canonical servers problem or something like this. There is nothing wrong with your laptop/desktop. I've got a similar problem while trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 - 12.04 stuck during installation "Processing triggers for update-notifier-common"

I think we need to wait a day (hope so) and let them fix the problem.

The only way to install Ubuntu now is to install it without having a internet connection active.

EDIT: Servers are on and everything is working perfectly.

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