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I installed apache according to the description given here. I want to know what is the safe way to run Apache that means , it is impossible to run Apache without using sudo, I want to know whether this is safe or is there a accepted way of running Apache.

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I doubt why you need sudo to run apache, so far, I've always installed apache from Ubuntu repositories (i.e. using Synaptic or Software Center) and it never required any root privileges to run. – Kushal May 19 '12 at 17:55
if that is a concern why would you use the source to install apache and not the pre-configured and hardend LAMP stack Ubuntu has in the repositories? – Rinzwind May 19 '12 at 18:02
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If you're not certain about security considerations when running Apache, you probably don't want to install Apache from source. I'd recommend installing Apache with sudo apt-get install apache2 or through the Software Center.

Installing Apache with aptitude will automatically register Apache as a system service, which solves the problem of running Apache in a reasonably secure way, as long as your system configuration isn't highly customized.

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