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Whenever I boot up Ubuntu from the grub menu, the screen brightness goes to zero. And cannot see anything unless I turn it up. I know a way to solve this is to press the brightness button until the screen is visible, but it's annoying having to do that all the time. Is there a way to keep it at a certain brightness level? Thanks in advance.

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Try if this helps:… – jasmines May 19 '12 at 4:50

I solved it by using a python script that sets brightness on login.

I followed this guide: Set-brightness-automatically-at-the-startup-in-linux

  1. Download this script: (it's the second one from the guide above)
  2. Save the script somewhere it won't get moved, like /home/stephen/Documents/
  3. Set brightness level to 100. Do this by editing the script's last line to read iface.SetPercentage(100)
  4. Autostart Script. Do this by launching Startup Applications > Add
    Name: setBrightness
    Command: python /home/stephen/Documents/
  5. Enjoy

This script will not take affect until you log on.
This script can also be used to intentionally dim the screen on startup by skipping step 3.

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