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I have my PC dual boot into Ubuntu currently, and I am having issues (I assume because I have 2 monitors). I had an older version of Ubuntu running fine with two monitors on this same computer, but after the upgrade things got messed up apparently. (now on 11.10 I believe)

If I reboot into normal mode, I am able to log in, but when I do I just see the wallpaper and nothing else on both monitors. However, I can select to login using the 2D method I think and it seems to load up.

I am now looking at two monitors that have the exact same thing on them. When I try to go into Display Settings I get the following:

Could not get screen information: RANDR extension is not present.

I did a bit of research around the web and found that this probably had to do with my video card (nVidia GeForce 480) and the dual monitor setup. It seems people fix this in varying ways depending on their set-up. Usually they have at least some knowledge of the terminal which I do not.

Could anyone be so kind as to help me out here?

I really appreciate it!

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Are you using the free or proprietary graphics drivers? – James Henstridge May 19 '12 at 1:58

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