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I installed the new ubuntu the other day and installed all the drivers and then restart the laptop. then i get the login screen with no problem then when i login the black screen in about 10 mins a window popup saying that the application compiz has closed unexpectedly i relaunch the app. and then it happens again.

I have uninstalled nvidia driver then restarted and the OS works fine.. tryed older driver and still the same problem. anyone out there can help would be great.

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I had the same problem, fixed by installing the latest Nvidia driver.

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@EliahKagan Correct! Being a jackass is never fun :/ If downloading a new driver from their site is what is enough to fix this then the post should be considered a answer. I have deleted both comments, feel free to flag these 2 when you see them. – Bruno Pereira Sep 6 '12 at 16:34

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