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My files are disapeared while I move those files!

I moved my data from linux machine-ubuntu to my external HDD. But I cannot find those files in both HDD(desktop nor external HDD). I just click the directory and drag it. (but...I didn't unmount external HDD and just pull out usb.)

Those data are very important, so I want to recover it (or find it). What can I do for it?

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I was moving a lot of files, and I found it took 5 minutes(twas only 11gig) for the cp,pletion, even while the popup bar was done, maybe you should wait until the indicator stops flashing – Dr_Bunsen May 18 '12 at 13:31
Thank you for your reply. popup bar was done at that time, but I already eject external HDD without no more waiting, and I cannot find my files on my desktop nor external HDD. Can I recover it? T_T)/ – J.E.Suh May 18 '12 at 13:38
ALWAYS unmount a device before you remove it from the system. ALWAYS. Otherwise you can damage the device and/or suffer data loss like you did here. I'm not sure you can recover it, so I am not going to post an answer here. – Thomas Ward Jun 22 '12 at 13:20
Well i moved about 100GiB of data before formatting and about 50MB of data was lost for sure, and i would not have minded it but the data was so important that i barely passed in my exams, and saved my neck from a teacher by submitting a kind of fake project. I removed my external hdd safely but the awesome udisks bug would remount it so kindly in one sec that i'm not able to remove my drive. Please correct the bug before my cat dies – akabhirav Apr 16 '14 at 12:25

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