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I have 750gb drive and i have 3 partitions on it (i am not counting swap.) One is for Ubuntu. Second is for Arch, and third is in NTFS format (i have that partition since i was on windows and nope i didn't format it yet).

I want to format this 600 gb NTFS partition, and 50 gb EXT (where is arch) into one EXT4 partition and set it as home in Ubuntu. Problem is that i already have /home specified on partition where UBUNTU is installed. Is it possible to do that, and if what would happen with my current /home partition (would i lose that data, or what).

To be clear I want from ubuntu to store data from now on this second partition. I was thinking to copy all that data from NTFS partition to current home , and then format it and flag it as home, then from old home partition copy that data back in new partition. Is that possible?

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/ to be clear in the end i want to have just 2 partitions. one for OS and one for data. –  Ivan Tomica May 18 '12 at 12:23

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If I'm reading the question correctly it should be possible with out much fuss. I would proceed thusly:

  1. If there is anything of importance on the NTFS or arch partitions create a backup folder somewhere in your current home directory and move the files there.

  2. Format the Drives using gparted which may need to be installed. Or you can go old fashion and use fdisk (but why when gparted does it all so well).

3.Copy your home folder/s to the new partition. Once there verify that you own the folder if not change the permission so you do.

  1. edit /etc/fstab to reflect the new partition and that you want to mount it as /home.

  2. Close all non-essential programs. Open a terminal and Sudo -i to become root. Now move the /home directory to /home-old

6.In the same Terminal window type reboot and you're done.

If all went well, your new partition mounts as /home with all your files and folders intact. If not then at least you still have /home-old and you haven't lost any data...Though logging in will be a no go. Be sure to have a live CD or bootable media near by just in case. If everything works you can delete the /home-old folder at your leisure.

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Thank you for great explanation. That is exactly what i want to do. Cheers. (I will accept this answer as correct when i finish with "partition change") –  Ivan Tomica May 18 '12 at 13:26
Yep that worked, but i lost all my desktop settings. Now i copy all files back on that partition, maybe that will restore my settings. What do you think? –  Ivan Tomica May 18 '12 at 15:50

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