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I'm using Jupiter to manage my CPU speed. Is there a place to change it to display the core temp in Fahrenheit? I can't find the config file.

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The temperature in Celsius is hard-wired into Jupiter.

Fortunately, Jupiter is written in Python - this makes it very easy to change.

First backup your copy of jupiter:

cp /usr/bin/jupiter ~/jupiter

Next edit the file:

gksudo gedit /usr/bin/jupiter

Find the following section in the file:

def get_temperature(self):
        temp = int(self.collect_data(self.temp))
        temp = temp / 1000
        return str(temp) + ' ºC'

change to:

def get_temperature(self):
    temp = int(self.collect_data(self.temp))
    temp = temp / 1000
    temp = ((temp * 9) / 5) + 32
    return str(temp) + ' ºF'

Save, logout and login.

enter image description here

Obviously, an update to the jupiter PPA will overwrite your changes.

You can either disable the PPA, or save /usr/bin/jupiter as (for example) /usr/bin/jupiter2. In your startup applications, change the jupiter startup command to python /usr/bin/jupiter2

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