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I just want to see how IP addresses mapped to domain names in my local machine. Is it possible? Thanks.

BTW, it's just for fun.

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You can try using dnsutils to do that exactly. They are not installed by default so here you go:

sudo apt-get install dnsutils

Then you can dig around the DNS System:

dig host.tld

Which will in return give you a DNS Record from your DNS Server specified in /etc/resolv.conf.

Caching is usually done by individual applications, like for example Firefox. To my knowledge there are only tools to flush the cache, not to read it out.


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Other options to dig command:

dig soa host.tld

dig mx host.tld

For manual page of dig, follow this LINK.

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Not sure if you're asking about a tutorial or something like the hosts file in Windows. I'm a part time Windows user too. In Ubuntu, the file's under /etc/hosts. To edit:

$sudo nano /etc/hosts
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