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I want to integrate my Google contacts, calender and Gmail to Unity. And I don´t want to use Thunderbird or even worse Evolution.

Is there a possibility like in GNOME 3.xx? A lightweight contact / calendar / mail app (maybe one app for contact, one for calendar) would be welcome.

Edit: I want to use the calender to sync my appointments with google - e.g. I open my "ubuntu-calender", make a new appointment and it syncs with google calendar. Also return way.

The same with contacts. I want a see and edit all my contacts in an app and have them sync with google.

Gmail: A notifyer would be enough - just one click on the notifyer and it opens googlemail in chrome. Otherwise an lightweigth email client.

Kind regards mpm

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Can you edit your question to provide more detail what you want to accomplish with this app. Do do just want a repository to backup your g-mail and contact information? How do you wish to use this information with the app (if its not for e-mail)? "I don´t want to use Thunderbird or even worse Evolution" – stephenmyall May 17 '12 at 8:46
For Gmail you could use the lightweight mail client Geary – BuZZ-dEE Oct 1 '12 at 22:03
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You can install Ubuntu’s New Web Apps Feature of Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10. This will allow you to integrate your Gmail and Google Calender to the desktop, and make them first class citizen on your computer. This will allow for system notification pop-ups, HUD integration, and other Unity features. This is how to install it:

Open the Terminal and type these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webapps/preview
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-preview

Now log out and log back in for the change to take affect. The time next you visit Gmail or Google Calender on Firefox or Chromium, they will ask if you want to integrate with the desktop.

Here is some more reading on the subject:

Hope this helps!

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Note that this is still beta software. – otus Sep 30 '12 at 4:44

You can sync Gmail with GNOME Mail, Google contacts with GNOME Contacts, Google Calendar with GNOME Calendar Applet Indicator and Google Tasks with the GNOME Tasks Applet Indicator. You can do more research on each of these tasks.

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And all of these integrate with Unity? – Tom Brossman Oct 1 '12 at 21:58
You gave the answer, shouldn't you elaborate more, rather then sending the person off after making brief suggestions? – Dustin Nov 14 '12 at 14:16

For calendar try plasma-widget-googlecalendar For gmail you should find only notifiers (gnome-mail, gmail-notify, gnome-mail-notifier, checkgmail, gm-notify, unity-mail, etc..) or mail clients (claws-mail, balsa, postler, and so on). For Contacts, I'm afraid you can find only Unity Lens, as you can read here:

Just a couriousity: why not Evolution/Thunderbird?

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You should elaborate on your answer and name the specific appliclations you are refering to. The questioner is asking a specific question – stephenmyall May 17 '12 at 8:34
Thx to jasmines. I´ll give them a try. I don´t like tb / evol. - it´s to much for me - and it doesn´t integrate with google mail (like archive the mails..) – mpm May 17 '12 at 9:17

Install gnome-gmail then run it and will integrate with the system. Run "System Settings" -- "Details" -- "Default Applications" -- click the drop down for "Mail" and select "Gnome Gmail". Your browser will now open to read email at Gmail. After restarting the system click the Mail indicator and the item that says "Setup mail..." will open your browser with Gmail as the active tab. I don't run any local email packages so I don't really need integration with them for web based Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar. Evolution and Thunderbird have the facility to integrate with Google applications.

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To get (among other things) pop-up windows for google-calendar reminders, with the option to dismiss or snooze the pop-up, see . Here are some quick instructions to run the program / install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python-gdata gxmessage mercurial
hg clone gcalcli-repo
cp gcalcli-repo/gcalclirc.example ~/.gcalclirc

Now modify ~/.gcalclirc so it contains data for your preferred way of authenticating to your calendar. Finally, to run the pop-up daemon, type: ./gcalcli-repo/gcalcli remind -- for (several) more command-line options, just type ./gcalcli-repo/gcalcli with no arguments.

To be able to snooze your pop-ups, replace gxmessage in ~/.gcalclirc with /path/to/gcalcli-repo/extra/reminderpopup .

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