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Instead of using cd, pushd, popd, and cdable_vars, and CDPATH, I heard a while ago that there was a tool that "learned" the paths you most frequently navigated to and make shortcuts for those dynamically. Does anyone know what tool I vaguely have in mind?

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Probably this one Dynamic Shortcut Creation with Bash – Basharat Sialvi May 17 '12 at 5:59
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Here's a link from the LinuxJournal with script that would do just this:

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Add the following to your profile...

alias ycd+='pwd>>$HOME/.ycd_list;sort -u -o $HOME/.ycd_list $HOME/.ycd_list'
alias ycd='select ID in $(<$HOME/.ycd_list);do [ $ID ] && cd $ID;break;done'

Use ycd+ to bookmark a directory and use ycd to navigate betwwen bookmarked directories.

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