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Is there no solution for CUDA for Ubuntu 12.04? Blender uses it under windows, but Ubuntu can't handle it.

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CUDA is indeed not in the Software Center. Try downloading it from

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After struggling quite a lot with the same issue, I found out that I simply had to download Blender from, untar it, launch and voila. CUDA works without having to install anything else that the restricted nvidia driver.

Simply, do not install blender from repositories!

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Thats absolutely true. CUDA Installation is NOT needed. (But in the first try I installed CUDA too - later I just did not and worked as well.) But I am wondering why Blender does not have the CUDA Support enabled by default? Why do I always have to download Blender from the webpage just to be able to enable CUDA????? – Peterling Apr 19 '13 at 15:49

There is a CUDA solution. Check this guide out -

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