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I am hoping that somebody can help me.

I am quite new to linux & Ubuntu although I am very keen to learn this new (for me) setup.

I have previously been using ASUS Webstorage for my online backups but their eeestorage is horrendous. I am therefore starting to use Ubuntu One but that is also causing me problems.

I don't think the program installed correctly in the first place and after several crashes I removed the program via software centre, removed everything that came up in the package manager when I did a search for ubuntuone and then did:

cd /
sudo find -iname '*ubuntuone*'

There appeared to be nothing major so I went with sudo find -iname '*ubuntuone*' -exec sudo rm {} \;

Restarted the machine then installed via software center and added all the associated things in package manager that I had previously removed.

I now have the same issue as before (but now at least the program carries on running).

When I add a folder via the Ubuntu One interface I select the folder as normal but it doesn't appear on the list. Similarly when I right click a folder in the explorer and select synchronize it doesn't appear on the list.

I have added a few folders this morning and then left it as I though that I may not be able to add more folders until the current ones have syncronized. The GUI tells me that the folders total 130 Mb but after about 6 hours there is still no change... the UI tells me that file sync is in progress.

I did u1dstool --waiting and a list of files came up. I tried u1sdtool --start and then u1sdtool --create-folder=/home/john/.vim and now it looks like it is just hung in the Terminal after about an hour of no activity.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and after a search of Google and the usual sites I cannot find anybody who has the same issue. I can see that there are problems with people adding hidden folders but this is the same when I try and add a non-hidden folder.

Thanks in advance.. In general I am loving Ubuntu and although there are a few programs that I cannot find decent replacements for in Ubuntu I think I am going to try and stick with it. John

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What does 'u1dstool --status' display? I get:

connection: With User With Network
description: processing the commands pool
is_connected: True
is_error: False
is_online: True
queues: IDLE

You may want to check ~/.cache/ubntuone/logs and ~/.cache/ubuntuone/partials. It may shed light on what is causing the hang-up.

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Thanks for getting back to me @SomKit. – John Evans May 17 '12 at 10:39
Thanks for getting back to me @SomKit. After checking the status and the logs all I could see were entries for the Clementine music player (the status was the same as yours but there were queues). Clementine had also been hanging on system shutdown so I got rid of that and I have now been able to add a few folders. Just one exception where the log should that I was trying to add a duplicate entry so it was ignoring it.. I have checked but the dir isn't listed on the --list-folders but that is something that I will tackle when I have time. Thanks again for your help and it 'is much appreciated – John Evans May 17 '12 at 10:48

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