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I have a HP 9700 laptop computer with Ubuntu 11.10 on it. I have had periodic problems with random shut downs due to battery low (when not actually low). However, it has progressed to the point now where I cannot reboot. Usually I can't get by the flash screen/bios screen. Sometimes, rarely I get logged in, but it shuts down before I an perform any actions. It acts like a worm or virus. I thought it was the laptop battery problem I have seen, and I downloaded some code that seemed to fix it for a time. Then it suddenly returned. Now I can't even log in to my computer. It is a worse problem than any windows virus or worm I have ever encountered. I have tried to put an Ubuntu disk in the CD/ROM to try and run off this but I can't even get that to work. I am frozen out of my computer. Is there anything I can do to recover?

Sometimes I get a battery warning and sometimes it is a spontaneous shut down. With regard to the flash screen bios question. It will sometimes shut down before even showing the splash screen. Sometimes I can get the bios options, sometimes it goes past. It can spontaneuosly shut down without warning at any time in the process. I don't know it is battery related. I am back on my Ubuntu box now after two or three days of trying to boot. I unplugged the battery and let it run down. When I logged back in the battery icon shows full and said it would shut down unless plugged in. I plugged in and I am running OK. Very confusing and very frustrating.

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Do you have the same symptoms if you try to boot with the battery detached (using mains power)? – Sergey May 16 '12 at 2:12
Yes, I have the same issue – New_2_Ubuntu May 16 '12 at 2:16
How do you know it is battery-related then? Does Ubuntu say "your battery is low, will now suspend?" Also, "Usually I can't get by the flash screen/bios screen." - does it mean the laptop shuts down even before Ubuntu started booting? – Sergey May 16 '12 at 2:23

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