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I have just installed the latest version of Ubuntu and I want to connect to the Internet using my wireless router.

I tried using Ndiswrapper but I received errors. I also tried using suggestions in this WiFiHowTo.

When I try installing from the additional drivers, I receive the error messages below.

Sorry, installation of this driver failed.
Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log

2012-05-15 19:14:29,861 DEBUG: Instantiated Handler subclass __builtin__.BroadcomWLHandler from name BroadcomWLHandler
2012-05-15 19:14:29,862 DEBUG: Broadcom STA wireless driver availability undetermined, adding to pool
2012-05-15 19:14:29,862 DEBUG: loading custom handler /usr/share/jockey/handlers/
2012-05-15 19:14:29,873 WARNING: modinfo for module ath_pci failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module ath_pci
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Can you post the output of lspci so i can see exactly what Broadcom card you have? – Octávio Filipe Gonçalves May 15 '12 at 23:52
The content of the log file /var/log/jockey.log might also be helpful. – irrational John May 16 '12 at 3:29

I experienced the same problem this weekend on a buddy's laptop. He has a Broadcom 4312.

I partially used this answer to another AskUbuntu question. The only difference is that once I removed:


I installed


and then rebooted.

The Network Manager showed the wireless card was installed, but displayed a message that the hardware switch was disabled.

Regardless of what I tried to enable (by clicking function and the wifi key) this would not change. I then decided to re-open the additional drivers and was able to activate the driver successfully. Once I restarted the machine, the wireless worked fine.

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I have Broadcom BCM4312 and using ndisgtk(ndiswrapper) worked perfectly. use windows driver for your wifi chipset (usually drivername.inf). reboot and most cases it worked. You can give it a try.


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