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if I run my notebook on battery mode, ubuntu spindown my hardrive every few seconds. How can I fix that? I have tried it with sudo hdparm -S 127 /dev/sda* but I am not able to disable the spindown and can´t find the reason for this "bug". Running Ubuntu 12.04 - Bug is since 12.04

Recent updates are installed, the problem is still recent. I can change the settings via. sudo hdparm -B 127 but if I change hdparm.conf, Ubuntu does not recognize it.

/dev/sda {
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I think this is the bug affecting you:

It's supposed to be solved in updates, so please check for updates and apply the latest ones (the one you want is hdparm (9.37-0ubuntu3.1) ). I suggest you reboot after applying them to be on the safe side.

If that doesn't help, the bug has some more suggestions to try. For instance, open a terminal and:

sudo gedit /etc/hdparm.conf

At the very end add this (on a new line):

apm_battery = 128

Then save the file.

You can try this manually by running

sudo hdparm -B 128 /dev/sda

but this will not persist once you've rebooted, so if it works for you, add it to the file as explained above.

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The bug is/was caused the laptop_mode-tools. laptop_mode-tools ignores your /etc/hdparm.conf settings. To fix it, edit sudo gedit /etc/laptop-mode. Find this part:

# Power management for HD (hdparm -B values)

And change it to:

 # Power management for HD (hdparm -B values)

To check if your new config is in use, disconnect from Power-Supply run:

sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda
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