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I'm struggling with what to use instead of Picasa and need some help.

I just need it to be organized, quick, shows all video files and is easy to delete entirely from HDD and has a good image viewer.

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It is installed by default in Ubuntu.
it also has a reasonable amount of features, it is the best, and it just works(for me)

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+1 This is one of the best... –  Geppettvs D'Constanzo May 15 '12 at 19:16

Shotwell is a great little image organizer but has limited options for classification. with Tags and Dates only.

DigiKam with Showfoto is intuitive and has is designed as a an Image Management Application with added image enhancement features very useful for a keen amateur photographers. Its relatively heavy on CPU resources and has KDE dependencies and I have been using it for years without issue

I have recently discovered Dark table and as a result I have ditched Digikam/Showfoto. Its Great image organizer, tagger and does everything your asking. It has many image enhancement features (discreetly displayed) when you install the plug ins.

All above are available in Ubuntu Software Centre

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FYI, tag hierarchies were added in Shotwell 0.11. –  MrEricSir May 16 '12 at 21:54
Thanks I modified the answer to reflect this –  Stephen Myall May 16 '12 at 22:22
Jeez, Darktable is just ridiculously amazing. It's not a Picasa equivalent (it's much more geared towards editing), but it's a fantastic piece of software. –  Stavros Korokithakis Mar 29 at 14:08

Shot-well is good for photo management and small edits like crop and enhance.

Whereas for advanced editing,GIMP works awesome(actually a Photoshop type software)

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GThumb and Shotwell can both catalogue and organise images into albums. Both are in the software centre.

Shotwell is library-based i.e. you import into its library. GThumb does not require this, which means it's a little more effort but doesn't mess with an existing folder structure. Shotwell can import only links but that can cause weird problems sometimes when you do stuff with images outside of Shotwell.

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Have you seen this? http://alternativeto.net/software/picasa/?platform=linux

I work with RAW images so I don't really know which one's the best but I've been happy with digiKam. Alternatively, if you do want Picasa, the windows version works well in wine: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-picasa-39-in-linux-and-fix.html

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Nomacs is the new image viewer with great potentials. It's still in developing process. It has got many similarities with Google Picasa. In my opinion it is far more better than any other image viewer for Ubuntu. It's cross-platform. It has many great features which make it outstanding. Try this.

Nomacs | Image Lounge website

Nomacs Launchpad PPA

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I think "Shotwell" is very user friendly and fast. Ubuntu has "Shotwell Photo Viewer" for viewing and editing photo and Ubuntu also has "Shotwell Photo Manager" for managing and organizing photos. "Shotwell" is default photo viewer in Ubuntu 12.04 and install on it by default.

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I think nomacs is a fine alternate to Picasa on Ubuntu.

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