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I'm looking for some guidance on how to keep track of the contributions I make to the project so I can present them as evidence when I eventually apply for Ubuntu membership. When I was listening to Jono Bacon's weekly Q&A on Ustream earlier tonight, a question was asked about what was meant by a 'sizeable and sustained contribution' to the project, with respect to an Ubuntu membership application, he said that it consisted of a prolonged period of regular contributions which were logged in a wiki. Is this the Ubuntu wiki, or is that just reserved for high level projects? Also some advice on what's worth recording (every single bug report?) would also help. Thanks.

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Yes, you are supposed to create an Ubuntu Wiki page about yourself.

To do this, go to (replacing YourName with your actual name) and click on Create a new empty page.

As for what information to put on your wiki, I would look at what existing Ubuntu Members have on their wiki pages.

There is a list of Ubuntu Members at Click on some profiles and see their respective wiki pages.

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