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Where are some blender tutorials, (preferably 2.63)

I used blender back in the old days, when they used the old GUI.
and since then i havened used it. I want to learn it again, but the GUI change makes it difficult,

I like it but still. I would love some tutorials not only for the new GUI.
but a full blender tutorial is welcome as well.

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All found on the first page of a Google search...

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Thanks, i usually search on youtube but not all are for 2.63 didn't know if i would get confused trying to find a button that isn't there. So i thought I ask it here for some help. Thanks for your effort :) – blade19899 May 15 '12 at 17:33

Blender homepage has bunch of original tutorials.
And AFAIK, are based on new GUI (most of tutorials are based on 2.5 and greater), so users will not get confused.

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I recomend:

it's not for novices but you can find a lot of interesting staff.

Also you can find those tutorials on under Andrew Price chanel (blenderguru himself)

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