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Possible Duplicate:
How would I install Picasa 3.9?

Is there any repo to install Picasa from ?

The one listed in this tutorial doesn't seem to be working anymore, or at least not for 12.04.


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Picasa 3.9 can't run native on Linux. Only via Wine. And Google has stopped Picasa support since April 20th of this year. So I adice you to find another photomanager – OrangeTux May 15 '12 at 11:43
I have added a bounty to get a new or updated answer for this. – fossfreedom May 15 '12 at 12:03
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Picasa is being officially dropped for Linux, here

We launched a WINE-based version of Picasa for Linux in 2006 as a Google Labs project. As we continue to enhance Picasa, it has become difficult to maintain parity on the Linux version. So today, we’re deprecating Picasa for Linux and will not be maintaining it moving forward. Users who have downloaded and installed older versions of Picasa for Linux can continue to use them, though we won’t be making any further updates.

The Linux Picasa Homepage doesn't exists anymore.

Though you can still use it using wine.

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