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Just like the title says, how do I launch a bash script in my ~/Downloads folder using a keyboard shortcut? I've tried binding cd ~/Downloads && ./ to different accelerators (ex. the "Tools" button or music player button on my keyboard, and F4) but no luck, yes the script is marked executable, I am trying to do this under "Custom Shortcuts" in System Settings -> Keyboard, and the command works in Terminal.

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have you tried binding '/home/Downloads/' ? I'm assuming you have your #!/bin/bash as the first line? – Matt Barnes May 15 '12 at 1:32
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I have a keyboard shortcut to launch a script to start conky for me.

Now it sounds like you have tried to 'all the right things'. In the command section of keyboard shortcuts I have: /home/karl/bin/

If you have cd ~/Downloads && ./ in that field have you tried changing it to: /home/username/Downloads/

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Thanks, that did it. I'm a little new to making my own scripts. @Matt No, my script starts with "cd ~/Downloads". Should it start with #!/bin/bash? It works regardless. – Alucai Vivorvel May 15 '12 at 1:40

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