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Xrandr commands are not looking as they should. When I type xrandr in terminal it's says 1280x1024 but it doesn't fit in the screen (wich is 1280x1024). There is a side in black.

First of all the monitor supports it! It worked always, until I upgrade to 12.04. The system keeps telling me it's in the right resolution. The drivers are OK too.

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Just try to edit your NVIDIA XServer settings so that the size fits. also you should try to install all missing drivers for your graphics card (like the nvidia drivers, if your graphics card is a nvidia).

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It was a Screen issue, since it resizes the screen and when i configured the monitor it solved the problem. And some of the errors messages were made by the monitors.xml file (wich i delete). Thanks your response, it maybe helpful in the future. =) –  David Jul 24 '12 at 2:49

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