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I've been trying for a half hour to get D-Feet to open a service, any service with the Connect button. I feel I am misunderstanding this application at a basic level. What am I missing?

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Go to the File menu, select "Connect to session bus" or "Connect to system bus"

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You do not enter a service address into DFeet. The connect button is for the address of the System / Session bus. Yes, the overlap in D-Bus related vocabulary is arcane and stupid.

  1. Get your System or Session Bus address. For regular applications, you're probably looking for the Session Bus address. Open a command line and enter:

  2. Launch DFeet and hit the "Connect" button.

    enter image description here

  3. Paste in your bus address from the command line output. Then press "Connect".

    enter image description here

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You can launch it directly by issuing the following at the command line:

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