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I recently installed the compiz-plugins-extra in Ubuntu 12.04, And I have animations add-on enabled, But none of the extra features (such as airplane, dissolve, explode, etc.) work. Is there something else I need to install to make these work or what?

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After you enable the animation add-ons, logout and login again. That's how they appeared for me.

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Download and install compizconfig-settings-manager and open it by typing ccsm in the dash. In the CCSM's window, in the effects tab, in the animations settings, you can change the various animations type for open windows, close windows, minimize and various others.enter image description here

and also see this

enter image description here

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Enable both the "Animations" and "Animations Add-On" plugin in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Can you verify you are actually running Compiz? Run this command in a terminal: pidof compiz. If you don't get any output, you are running Unity 2D, which uses Metacity, in stead of Compiz. Which means that none of the Compiz plugins/effects will work for you. If you get a number as output, you're running Compiz, and my doing what I stated above should work.

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Sometimes compiz won't renew itself when activating plugins. Press Alt+F2 and type compiz --replace to reload compiz. This is a faster option than logging out and in.

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