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Not long ago I changed from Windows 7 to Ubuntu. I had some troubles, everything installed normally; the problems came after installing it. But the most important, it's my problem when installing any file, there is always an error message "This file could not be read"

Please help me. I really like Ubuntu, but this is so hard to handle and I need some professional support.

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Welcome to the world of Ubuntu! I can help you with your issues, but I need more information. What files are you trying to install? Where are you getting them from? Which version of Ubuntu are you using? You should try exploring the Ubuntu Software Center, there you can freely download thousands of applications, installation is automatic and easy. The Ubuntu Software Center is included with every version of Ubuntu, from 10.04 to 12.04.

It is important to know that by default Ubuntu can not install Windows 7 programs, to do that you need to install a program called WINE (available for free in the Ubuntu software Center.) You can tell if it is a Windows program if the installer file ends with .Exe If you try to open a .exe. in Ubuntu without WINE you will recieve an error message.

Ubuntu program installers end with .deb, no extra software is needed to install deb files. :)

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Canonical provides professional support for the Desktop, although you do have to buy it for a whole year it seems. I've included information and the link below.

Get your business essential coverage for general business use of Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu Advantage Standard Desktop includes the hosted systems management service, Landscape, to more easily manage your Ubuntu desktops and keep them up to date.

With Standard Desktop you get exclusive access to the Canonical online Knowledge Base, with thousands of definitive articles on resolutions and quick fixes to common issues.

You also receive vital phone and online support for standard desktop applications, such as OpenOffice word processing, spreadsheet, as well as email clients and web browsers.

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