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I'm using Webmin 1.580 with Ubuntu 12.04 and created an NFS export (export/media) which works perfectly fine after manually enabling the export, but when I reboot the system it tells me that it is unable to mount it, and I need to skip it in order to resume booting. How can I find out the root cause of this problem?

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I've already seen that, it seems to be a common issue these days. I'm also almost sure I've already solved the same problem on one of my machines, but unfortunately I don't remember how. What I remember is that was a dependency problem (NFS mountpoints mounted before the network was up). Try this solution and good luck.

EDIT: sorry, if there isn't any /etc/rc.conf in Ubuntu, you could try this solution. In case, you could also try to look at this thread.

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thanks. I checked out your link, and it says to edit /etc/rc.conf but I don't have this file. – user65982 May 25 '12 at 4:04

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