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I didn't get the chance to update and I wanted to make sure my system will not crash. I am not a pro user and I would like some tips for installation.

Are there any dangerous bugs?

What are the new features and how do you cope with them?

What are the first impressions on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolion?

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this depends on a lot! like; what's your hardware? Is all your of your programs supported in 12.04? there are many new features! first impressions? that's an opinion, not a fact! I suggest you ask this on Ubuntu forums instead, it's more of a discussion rather than a question with one answer. –  Alvar May 14 '12 at 22:36
Using a live cd or usb as mentioned is a great way to testdrive the new version of ubuntu without installing or harming your current installation. If you mount your home directory you can even mess with some of your files using the new interface and tools so you can "try it" before you upgrade. Overall, it's a very solid and worthy upgrade. –  balloons May 14 '12 at 22:45
It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form. See the FAQ for guidance on how to improve it. –  jrg May 14 '12 at 23:43

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  1. I would suggest upgrading using a live CD/USB.My personal experince along with many other people too tells that online upgrading is somewhat dangerious because of various reasons.

  2. The only major bug i have encountered till now is log-in problem if you disable the log in sound using a tweak tool.

    i also encountered a problem of blank spaces in the unity launcher(missing icons) but after a few boots its all fine now.No extra work was needed.

  3. The most significant and noticeable changes are







  4. Ubuntu 12.04 feels good to use.Gnome 3.4 also intigrates well with it giving amazing flexibility to choose between environments

  5. having updates from sites like "OMG! UBUNTU" and "IHEARTUBUNTU" will help you keep your Ubuntu and specially UNITY up-to-date and productive..


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my input is irelevent and only to reiterate what they all said its all about your hardware capabilities when upgrading,,, the vidoe card is of special interest .... and needs to be configured correctly immediately on install or their will be all kinds of problems.

Compiz is super important to get working right,,,,it provides much more than it looks like at first and its all necessary and needs to be set up and will crash alot at first until it gets stable... I prevented metacity from running at all as the window manager this helped alot ....I now have the cube and all the effects working on 2 monitors :)

As far as features the unity launcher hud and new tray light dm and gnome 3 are the way to go personally i am just now finding ubuntu stable and usable with this dist i had way more problems before...

might take a bit to get it all set but 100% worth it

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Just a reason?

Many mistakenly see Compiz as just eye candy, when it actually has window handling tools that extend beyond gnome 2.xx and 3.xx in some cases. Ubuntu 12.04 becomes wildly unstable if you try to change a mere binding. The desktop can be broken by trying to add a compiz module, like shelf, colors, and others. This has to do with 12.04 using Gnome 3. What's worse, even if you don't make ANY adjustments to compiz, as I did on a fresh install, compiz will still crash more on 12.04 than on 10.04. As a result I stay on Unity 2D, which is the true stable version of 12.04, not the desktop running regular Unity. Personally, it's worth it. I just had to learn the new work-flow, as opposed to the one had with compiz tools. The HUD is worth it to me, but maybe not to you.

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