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I'm tethering an android device over USB. When tether is accomplished, the device sets the usb0 interface as the default route.

I do not want this (usually, the host device has wlan0) but do not see a simple way to change in Ubuntu. dhcpcd does not have the --nohook option and --nogateway also doesn't seem to work in this case.

'route del' and 'route add' can obviously be used, but are quite..... a hardcoded solution, since they require the actual IPs etc.

Any ideas? TIA.

No solution so far-- could obviously be scripted.

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Open Networking > Wired Connections > Click on Android USB Tether > IPv4 > Routes > Tick "use only for resources on this network".

This will make it skip adding the default route to this connection, making whatever other connection the default one.

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I guess a simple solution wwould be to not activate tethering on your Android when its not needed. I'm not sure if that is what you are asking, or if you want a more technical way of doing this via Ubuntu.

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In which case, I wouldn't have IP connectivity to the device :P – 1kenthomas May 14 '12 at 22:13

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