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I'm looking for an audio player (may be for gnome, kde, xfce, doesn't matter) in which I'd be able to load my own lyrics from a file. I have some language-learning podcasts and would like to have a transcript for them to automatically appear when the track changes.
I've been searching quite thoroughly and couldn't find any player that would load lyrics from a file, all of them search the web to find the lyrics (I've even tried the heavy amarok) and it obviously won't work for a podcast.
Thank you for you help!

EDIT: Ok, I've found a great player! Actually Enigmapond recommended it to me on ubuntuforums:
It's named Guayadeque and you can read about it's advantages I've immediately noticed in the thread I've posted.

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Guayadeque Install guayadeque

With Guayadeque you can edit lyrics and save them after you have finished.

enter image description here

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I would also recommend GNOME Mplayer for you. I'm using it and I've never had any problems with subtitles.

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