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I'd like to switch between different ubuntu sound mixer profiles, depending on what sound hardware I plug in or wirelessly activate.

The easiest way I think I can do this would be to have a script for each profile, which sets the hardware and volume levels. Would alsa be the program I'd be writing a script for? Or would it be for something else? Or is it pulse audio? I'm kinda confused.


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Since there are no other answers, I will try to help with some remarks.

In general, it is possible to setup your system in such a way that plugging an audio interface (say, via USB) would trigger a change in, say, sound volume. For this you will need to:

  1. create a new (or modify an existing) Udev rule so that plugging/unplugging a specific external soundcard launches a specific application (presumably a script).
  2. create a Bash script that performs the necessary changes in the configuration of your sound system. For example, you might create several sound mixer profiles in different files, and have your script set a symlink to the desired profile.

Both steps are non-trivial, but realizable nonetheless.

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