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On Ubuntu 12.04 I have some kind of problem with LTSP and LDAP. Sometimes I can log to the server, but sometimes I can't (window freezes on LDM) log in from the thin client. Everything is OK when I log to the server like the local machine, but I have some kind of problem on thin client. creates home directory, but I can't log in because nothing happened - ldm freezes. This problem doesn't exist for "local" users (unix accounts) and on first logged LDAP user. It's important to mention that in log I can see nothing special.

Does anybody have a problem with ltsp + ldap on ubuntu 12.04? There wasn't any problem on the previous versions.

When LDM freezes, I get the following in the logs:

May 17 11:59:52 bar sshd[6066]: Accepted password for student2 from port 44000 ssh2
May 17 11:59:52 bar sshd[6066]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user student2 by (uid=0)
May 17 12:00:03 bar sshd[6315]: subsystem request for sftp by user student2

And nothing else appears for this user.

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I made VirtualBox machine to emulate this problem. You can download it from this page (md5 sum: 81f414a4f771e67a7f516a0989659e5e). This's fully-functional LTSP with LDAP service. Start this server and then, run a several thin clients on the same time. If you try log to the server, probably few thin clients will stuck on LDM screen. Administrator: ubuntu/ubuntu and ldap users student1...student30 with password student – us3r May 15 '12 at 10:44

Your trouble seem to be a permission/owner trouble or a missing home folder trouble.

Check if the home folder exist and has the correct permissions and owner.

Focus more in LDAP under ubuntu than LTSP. It is more a trouble of LDAP

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