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Presently I have two machines wanting to join a private cloud an hp i386 & dell
amd64. Installing the MAAS in the dell and attempting to add the hp as a node yields

Unable to create Node: Unknown problem encountered with the Cobbler server like:

Installing the MAAS in the hp and attempting to add the dell as a node yields :
Nodes have a status of "Commissioning" like:

Do I need to install and configure other servers to the MAAS before attempting to
add nodes? Kinda like what maxmid was hinting at in : Architecture diagram explaining the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure with MAAS / Openstack architecture? With comment: Maybe a first step would be to list what is the role of each 10 machines of the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure deployment with MAAS and Juju:

  1. MAAS server
  2. juju bootstrap node (Juju uses it to coordinate the services being deployed)
  3. mysql
  4. openstack's rabbitmq
  5. openstack's keystone
  6. openstack's nova-cloud-controller
  7. openstack's nova-volume
  8. openstack's nova-compute
  9. openstack's glance
  10. openstack's openstack-dashboard
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Check your date and time on the MAAS server and the node have a look at the bugs

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Thanks for your reply, I don't have the time right now to go back into this but looking at : – user63213 May 17 '12 at 2:05

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