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Let's go. I have a local deb repository. It works fine. But every time when I update my software there is a warning "You are about to install software that can't be authenticated". I decided to sign my local repository. My repo structure:


I created a gpg key and imported it on my repo server and on my ubuntu. Also I created a Release file in each binary-amd64 and binary-i386. After that I calculated checksums and signed my repository.

apt-ftparchive release dists/stable/main/binary-amd64 >> dists/stable/main/binary-amd64/Release
gpg -abs -o dists/stable/main/binary-amd64/Release.gpg dists/stable/main/binary-amd64/Release

After signing I got new files in my repository


Release file:

Archive: stable
Suite: stable
Component: main
Origin: mySoft
Label: soft-deb-repo
Architecture amd64

Date: Tue, 08 May 2012 14:36:57 UTC
 4fd2fb417d39f3eb7e02c742817e3c35              464 Packages.gz
 f49b96b059c8df343c8903563cfd55f2              109 Release
 a2cf6872ae378f9239b5427d06258fb99cd2657f              464 Packages.gz
 c4476d3c036d5373855c2fd7dc61cd7882dd7546              109 Release
 229ffd0eaaf41591827b410fa329c98211fe33cdf658726645f6f25e09edce07              464 Packages.gz
 5b446e696c9bb94515d97f345bc96a231fa8bc9e9f213e6aa15e4431d2f2e160              109 Release

And Release.gpg:

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


But problem won't disappear - when I check update by Package Manager it says that my software can't be authenticated. Aptitude says WARNING: untrusted version of the following packages will be installed. What do I do wrong?

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I had to create an InRelease File to solve the authentication problem. I solved this by reading apt-secure in the manual pages. I also had to create a Packages file (unzipped) as well. Here are the two commands:

gpg --clearsign -o InRelease Release
gpg -abs -o Release.gpg Release

My directory structure and files looks like this to help you better understand what I am doing.

shift@shift-VirtualBox:~/shiftRepo$ ls -R
dists  shiftCPEKey




CPEDataCollector_1.0+SNAPSHOT.deb  CPEQueueConsumer_1.0+SNAPSHOT.deb  Packages     Release
CPEQueueBroker_1.0+SNAPSHOT.deb    InRelease                          Packages.gz  Release.gpg
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