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Recently I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 replacing Ubuntu 11.10, after installation, When I started my "Lenovo W520", I feel uncomfortable. It is too slow in booting process and also very slow in shutting down. Some operations are very slow.

The booting is so slow that, it's seems It is a Windows system instead of an Ubuntu.

Can anyone suggest, what actions I can take to investigate the issue and then to fix the problem? Re-installation advice should be last option.

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I'd start with the system monitor and see if there are any run-away processes eating up system resources. Then after that, maybe run a surface scan on the disk to make sure there isnt an issue with the hdd. – Matt Barnes May 13 '12 at 22:43
unfortunately no one's you suggest resolve my issue... thanks – Hoghweed May 14 '12 at 12:10
Have you tried switching to 2d to see if its an accelerator problem? – Matt Barnes May 15 '12 at 2:58
Did you install the Graphics driver properly? – Eastsun May 20 '12 at 15:58

If you installed from disk, perhaps you changed the boot priority sequence from harddrive to disk/usb, but neglected to revert to the original settings, in which case a few seconds would be wasted as the computer works through the boot media precedence list.

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I'm experiencing the same problem on a Dell Inspiron 6400 with 2Gb Ram and Pentium dual Core 1.86GHz processor. I switched to Unity 2D and till now it looks faster.

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