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I want to buy a Mecer LUCID Slate tablet and install unity on the tablet. Thus no keyboard.

  1. Clicking on a text entry field will this bring up a on screen keyboard?

  2. Does uTouch support a on screen keyboard out of the box or do you have to install a package to have this capability?

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Currently Unity does not come with an onscreen keyboard of that sort. You can use onboard Install onboard (open it from dash) to type using your fingers, though it won't be a wonderfully smooth experience. Unfortunately there is no "Ubuntu Tablet Edition", so until (if) that happens, you will have to resort to "hacks" or "workarounds" to get such functionality.

Onboard screenshot: alt text

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Dash isn't a standard package... How else can one open it on a keyboard-free system? –  A Student at a University Feb 14 '11 at 3:34
what are you referring to? –  RolandiXor Feb 14 '11 at 14:57

I disagree with the above answer, I think onboard isgood with the right keyboard layouts. If you install ubuntu netbook, you can pin onboard to the side-menu, and then tap on it whenever you need to type.

Trust me, im typing this from my acer tablet.

I think ubuntu is already quite touch-friendly... just search around to make sure somebody else has already got the touchscreen working on your device.

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In my opinion florence virtual keyboard seems like the best onscreen keyboard currently available for linux.

Download it from sourceforge.net and compile or install with a deb (older version )

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