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Update manger do not provide option to upgrade. It displays "Your system is up-to-date" instead. I tried Check button many times but received same message. Please help.

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@Uri: that question is more specific to 'LTS to LTS' upgrades. – david6 May 12 '12 at 22:57
@david6 The answer applies here too. – Uri Herrera May 12 '12 at 23:19

NOTE: Specific to upgrade of 11.10 to 12.04 (and not from 10.04 LTS)

From: - UbuntuDesktop - Upgrading - GUI method

Upgrading from Ubuntu 11.10

To upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 on a desktop system, start "Update Manager". It should display the following message: "New distribution release '12.04' is available. Click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions".

I can confirm this works on my Ubuntu 11.10 desktop.


From: - UbuntuServer - Upgrading - command-line method


From 11.10 to 12.04

To upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 on a server system, follow the steps listed below:

Install the update-manager-core package (if it is not already installed).

Run sudo do-release-upgrade to launch the upgrade tool. Follow the on-screen instructions. Note that the server upgrade is now more robust and will utilize GNU screen and automatically re-attach in case of dropped connection problems, for example.

So, type the following commands:

sudo apt-get install update-manager-core

sudo do-release-upgrade

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Addition: October 24, 2012 @ 4:31:50 EST

    * This section should only be followed if you have the GUI available, and you have tried the command line to no avail. I can confirm this resolving my own semi-similar issue.

Poke into your System Settings, and look for 'Software Sources'. In this window, look to the option that the black cursor is pointing to, and change it to what's shown:

Update Manager should now chirp about Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS being available. If you have access to only command line, and need to change this option, I have no idea how to do it.

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I had to do an apt-get purge update-manager-core and the install update-manager-core before do-release-upgrade would recognize any new releases for 11.10.

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