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I wish to make a recording using 2 microphones positioned at a distance mentioned here: so I can make a "3D sound" recording. How can I configure Ubuntu or what should I install in Ubuntu so I can make this doable. I want to make sound recordings that when the user puts on the headphones the Binaural Recording Effects takes place.

Similar to the famous Virtual Barber Shop video:

Where you put on your headphones and close you eyes and your brain starts to process the environment in a way that you feel you are in that virtual place.

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What you want is probably just to record from two mics at once, then merge the two sound files into one stereo file.

Possibility one: Use a 2xMono->1xStereo adaptor to plug two analog mics into one mic socket

Possibility two:

The first part (record from 2 mics at once): this might help.

Also, maybe there is some trick to do this via pulseaudio

You'll probably need a fancy sound card, or two sound cards (one should note that USB mics usually are also separate sound cards)

The second part (create a stereo file): in here, it says:

SOX can do things like combine 2 mono tracks into a stereo file.

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