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My Empathy doesn't connect with Google Talk and Facebook. It worked for the first two weeks (after installation). I am using Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin).

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Also, another similar empathy google-talk question. Please consider reading. I haven`t got a solution yet. link here! – Frantumn May 12 '12 at 15:56

With the facebook part, make sure you use the user name you have with facebook. This isn't your email. It's a facebook email. But you don't include To set one up if you haven't already. Go to account settings on facebook, and then there should be a spot to create a username.

(it will be at the end of

Try using that, and see if it helps.

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Thank you all, so facebook is working now :D – user62883 Sep 23 '12 at 14:08

Almost sounds link mine. Already file a bug report since no XMPP services work after my upgrade.

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Olá amigos. Dedico esta resposta para amigos Brasileiros que assim como eu, apanhamos muito para logar no facebook pelo Emphaty. Li este post em Inglês e consegui logar. O procedimento e muito simples. Segue a baixo o passo a passo:

  1. 1 -> Com o navegador vai até 2 -> Vá em configurações de conta. 3 -> Em configurações de conta você encontrara na segunda aba, o tópico nome de usurário. 4 -> Apos ter visto qual seu nome de usuário volte ao Emphaty. 5 -> Quando for definir o nome de usuário você colocara apenas o nome de usuário, nada mas. 6 -> Depois coloque a senha padrão do facebook e pronto.

From Google translate

Hello friends. I dedicate this post to friends that Brazilians like me, catch plenty to log into facebook at Emphaty. I read this post in English and got login. The procedure is very simple.

Follow the step by step below:

1.With the browser goes to

2.Go to account settings.

3.In account settings you will find in the second tab, the topic name of usury.

4.After seeing what your username return to Emphaty.

5.When you set the username you just put the username, but nothing.

6.Then put the default password of facebook and go.

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