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My friend using an older version of ubuntu has gfortran in the Ubuntu Software Center. I think he did not need to download anything. It was already there. He just installed it. But in my case, when I tried searching for it my own Ubuntu Software Center, I couldn't find it. I just upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Is it really not available to the new version of Ubuntu?

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I am using Ubuntu 14.04LTS and have problem like you and need gfortran that is emergency. How did you solve your problem. I did not understand. – user359319 Dec 16 '14 at 17:59
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GFortran appears in the Software Centre on my system, also 12.04.

You can skip the Software Centre, and install the compiler from the Terminal: launch the terminal, then type sudo apt-get install gfortran.

If the terminal gives you an error when you do this, please give us the error message.

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Thank you so much for answering. I'm new to Ubuntu and I didn't know that the Synaptic Package Manager exists. When I found out about it, I tried it and it worked well. Anyway, thanks again for answering! I'm sure I could use some help from you again in the future. :) – jebsbro May 12 '12 at 2:41

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